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Scope: 1800 m² BRA
Client: Godhavn

4 historical buildings which have been reestablished to create new homes in central Trondheim.


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Tukthuset was nominated for Trondheim's Byggeskikkpris 2022!


In the center of Trondheim, we have rebuilt 4 historic volumes between the two listed buildings that remain on the site from a much larger historic facility. In the reconstruction of these volumes, emphasis has been placed on preserving the good qualities of the wooden building and at the same time designing interiors in line with today's needs and expectations. It has also been important to ensure the new facades reflect features from the existing surrounding building stock, and showcase lost features from the buildings that are no longer present. In the design of the homes, emphasis is placed on the aesthetic qualities of the living spaces.

A variety of townhouses, large and small apartments contribute to a dynamic neighbourhood, where the sheltered backyard becomes a meeting place and common use area. When you enter the backyard, you enter a small city within the city, which creates a nice transition from city to home.

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