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for good experiences

Our ambition is to create good spaces to be in, and beautiful surroundings to travel through. That is why we adapt each project to its context in order to help deliver a project that is as good as it can be, both inside and out. 

Beautiful architecture is valued, lasting architecture. 

New Project?

Either you have a crystal clear plan, or simply some loose ideas, do not hesitate to contact us! We happily invite potential clients for a coffee and a chat!

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Regulatory work for Bergljotsgate 4A and 4B is ongoing.



Work with us

Each project, each person and each site comes with its own challenges. By using Arkitekturfabrikken, you will get a project that is adapted to your wishes and unique situation.


We approach all of our projects on a case-by-case basis, and help you shape your ambitions into an achievable project that maintains high architectural quality.


Help to get started

Do you want to build something new or freshen up what you already have, but don't quite know what you want and where to start?  


We can assist from the start. Get in touch with us early in the process, and we'll help you get your ideas in order, find the potential for good projects and set clear goals that keep the process moving forward tidily and effectively.


Design and Implementation

If you have an idea, we can help you to shape it into an achievable project. You will receive honest and clear advice and recommendations from us along the way.


Even small measures can affect a wide range of issues and we can help you navigate the project process from start to finish.


Planning Application

Do you want to build something that requires a planning application? Then we can act on your behalf in dialogue with the municipality and other relevant authorities.


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