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Lunt på loftet

Scope: 120 m²

Client: Private

Full renovation of a loft apartment.

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This project is a total renovation of a loft in one of Trondheim's many fantastic apartment buildings. The project is an extensive rebuild both inside and out.


In order to bring in light, space and a more interesting and broken-up interior, new skylights and dormers have been designed. The skylights provide a lovely light setting that changes with the season and the weather, while the dormers provide vertical window surfaces that are well suited for a view. This also helps to break up the large ceilings, provides an airier atmosphere and more usable living spaces.


Inside, the material qualities of the existing construction have been allowed to shine. An interior and floor in darker and natural colours have been chosen to be in keeping with the preserved materials. The ceiling and interior walls are painted white to brighten up the interior. The amount of white is balanced against the rest of the interior to create an apartment that is simultaneously light, airy, cozy and friendly.

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