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Scope: 70 m² BTA

Client: Privat

Transformasion from a small storage building to an atelier.

Atelier Edvine

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The small building is located in rural surroundings on Stokkøya north of Trondheim. The building is made of brick and was previously used as a warehouse. It was old and worn, but had great potential in form, proportion and composition. In the transformation from warehouse to studio, it became important to have daylight and headroom, while at the same time preserving as much of the existing structure as possible.

The existing building has an approximately square footprint with two low floors. The flat roof was replaced by a new roof structure that increased the ceiling height on the main floor. The new roof structure opens up to the view and brings daylight into the workspace. The roof has its own structural support, which makes it easier to rehabilitate the existing building as and when the need arises.

Construction has been carried out by the owners: Marius L. Aasprong and Edvine Larssen.

Photograph by Edvine Larsen

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